Urban Air in Logan during Trailfest Celebration 2018

Trailfest Celebration Moves to Town on Friday, April 28 to Celebrate Grandma Gatewood With Airstream and Their Urban Air Program

The authentic hometown vibe of Logan, Ohio’s Main Street will hum with activity as 75 iconic Airstream travel trailers line six block of the historic downtown during the town’s first-ever Urban Air Affair. Billed as Urban Air: Wake Up Downtown, dozens of the silver beauties will arrive Thursday, April 26 and depart early Sunday morning, April 29, rolling in from all across the United States and Toronto. Festival details are found at wakeupdowntown.com, with complete area tourism information on lodging, dining and other experiences and events found at ExploreHockingHills.com.

Logan’s typically peaceful town square will be transformed into a buzzy pedestrian mall, inviting festival goers to wander among the Airstreams, meeting their interesting and well-traveled owners, as they learn about these offbeat trailers and the fascinating folks behind the wheel. Attendees can gain inspiration and settle curiosities as they share stories with some of the most experienced travelers from around the country, hearing firsthand what it’s like to own and travel via these popular Ohio-made shiny silver travel trailers.

"Beyond the six city blocks of eye candy Urban Air visitors will find, they’ll quickly discover that Airstream owners are incredibly generous, sharing their travels and their trailers with anyone who’s interested in this unique mode of travel", said Urban Air organizer Kirk MacKellar. "This festival helps draw attention to an often-overlooked resource: Main Street America, while offering an unforgettable experience for anyone with a sense of adventure who loves meeting new people and exploring new places".

As the Airstreams fill the streets, music will fill the air. Live entertainment will be featured all weekend, creating a soundtrack for the crisp, spring nights. The Airstream way of life means owners often play guitar or harmonica, adding to the engaging vibe of this special festival. Adult beverage gardens will feature beer, wine and local moonshine cocktails. Food, craft demonstrations and tours of Logan’s own Columbus Washboard Factory, the last remaining washboard maker in the U.S., will also mark the event. Washboard music and the utility of the boards as vintage laundry machines go hand-in-hand with the Airstream lifestyle.

The Buckeye and North Country Trails Associations' TrailFest/Celebration also is slated for April 25-29 and will feature a book signing in downtown Logan during Urban Air by Ben Montgomery, author of Grandma Gatewood’s Walk. This event will start at 4 pm at the Artista, 38 W Main Street. “Grandma” Emma Gatewood helped establish Ohio’s legendary 1,444-mile Buckeye Trail which circumnavigates the state. Gatewood started the trail in her beloved Hocking Hills with a 51-mile loop through the Hocking Hills. At age 67, Gatewood was the first woman and only the fifth person to solo hike the 2050-mile Appalachian Trail.

In addition, a movie about Gatewood’s life, “Trail Magic: Grandma Gatewood’s Walk,” will be shown during Urban Air to celebrate the concurrent Buckeye TrailFest, a five-day celebration of the outdoors that encourages travelers to feed and share their passion for hiking. There are two movie showings, 3 pm and 7:30 pm on Friday, April 28 at the Artista, 38 W Main Street. Click on this link to learn more about this documentary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd1uqeL78bw

Visit the Airstream Urban Air event page for more details about Urban Air.

Visit the Explore Hocking Hills event page for more details.

Photos courtesy of Hocking Hills Tourism Association